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Quick doodle - American woodcock by STEPHANO024 Quick doodle - American woodcock :iconstephano024:STEPHANO024 4 2 Inktober - Old town by STEPHANO024 Inktober - Old town :iconstephano024:STEPHANO024 6 2 Apple sketch by STEPHANO024 Apple sketch :iconstephano024:STEPHANO024 6 9 Easy come-back by STEPHANO024 Easy come-back :iconstephano024:STEPHANO024 4 17 Froggo by STEPHANO024 Froggo :iconstephano024:STEPHANO024 1 1 Arnold Schwarznegger by STEPHANO024 Arnold Schwarznegger :iconstephano024:STEPHANO024 1 2 Headphones by STEPHANO024 Headphones :iconstephano024:STEPHANO024 3 2 Ocean  by STEPHANO024 Ocean :iconstephano024:STEPHANO024 4 0 Merry Christmas by STEPHANO024 Merry Christmas :iconstephano024:STEPHANO024 3 3 Cows wallpaper by STEPHANO024 Cows wallpaper :iconstephano024:STEPHANO024 3 0 Cow by STEPHANO024 Cow :iconstephano024:STEPHANO024 3 3 Madara Uchiha by STEPHANO024 Madara Uchiha :iconstephano024:STEPHANO024 5 3 Norm (art request) by STEPHANO024 Norm (art request) :iconstephano024:STEPHANO024 2 1 Derp Kisame by STEPHANO024 Derp Kisame :iconstephano024:STEPHANO024 7 0 Pakkun by STEPHANO024 Pakkun :iconstephano024:STEPHANO024 3 1 Scoob by STEPHANO024 Scoob :iconstephano024:STEPHANO024 1 2


Doctor Who - Proud to be a Whovian by DoctorWhoOne Doctor Who - Proud to be a Whovian :icondoctorwhoone:DoctorWhoOne 12 19 Run. by TheBoofster Run. :icontheboofster:TheBoofster 19 8 Untitled by TToxicKitteNN Untitled :iconttoxickittenn:TToxicKitteNN 39 13
An easy way to report a problem.
It has been two years since the Administration invented a new way of sending applications via the help desk library. When you want to report a problem, the help desk offers you a list of frequently asked questions. It takes too much time and creates too much stress. I don't understand why the Administration invented this; they probably did it because the company fired many employees who were in charge of receiving applications. (But, that still doesn't give them a reason to invent this ridiculous update.)
Anyway, here's a complete list of all categories that you can use to send your applications:
1. General Inquiry:
2. Bug Report:
3. Ban Appeal:
4. Policy Inquiry:
5. Abuse Report:
6. Spammer Report: https://h
:iconusername-91:Username-91 30 13
Blue beauty by TheVibrantNight Blue beauty :iconthevibrantnight:TheVibrantNight 11 11 Swear Police Officer by Regularcommenter Swear Police Officer :iconregularcommenter:Regularcommenter 40 17 Inktober Day 5 by AnimeGirlever Inktober Day 5 :iconanimegirlever:AnimeGirlever 1 2 laying out facts by qpyd laying out facts :iconqpyd:qpyd 92 11 The bathrooms these days by FaZeDolan The bathrooms these days :iconfazedolan:FaZeDolan 158 29 Untitled by EvanPd Untitled :iconevanpd:EvanPd 30 1 Extra Froggy Picture!~ by LadyEveLPhotography Extra Froggy Picture!~ :iconladyevelphotography:LadyEveLPhotography 4 0 Chart by onyxcarmine Chart :icononyxcarmine:onyxcarmine 142 29 Serah by YukiFantasy Serah :iconyukifantasy:YukiFantasy 38 10 ======== by MrSnackmix ======== :iconmrsnackmix:MrSnackmix 139 10 *SWEATS LOUDLY* by Lil-Miss-Fandoms *SWEATS LOUDLY* :iconlil-miss-fandoms:Lil-Miss-Fandoms 69 13 Shy by onyxcarmine Shy :icononyxcarmine:onyxcarmine 278 32



Quick doodle - American woodcock
A quick drawing I did of a bird with thin markers. This was inspired by this video:
Inktober - Old town
This is probably the only artwork that I will make with ink during October because I have no motivation for the Inktober challenge :P
I decided to try something new and, considering that I have never really sketched with a pen or sketched a landscape of some sort, I decided to create a sketch of an old town with a pen. I looked at multiple photographs of towns and created this with my imagination taking influence from those photographs.
I know that there's definitely room for improvement. Everything was drawn free-hand, so no ruler was used. Not everything has been drawn in the correct dimensions, however I tried to create an illusion of depth in this. The tree in the centre has been left without detail on purpose. If you could provide some advice on how this could be improved, I'd be very grateful to hear it.
Whenever I feel down, I look at this image and I feel happy again. I don't know why, but I want to share this.

embedded_item1505724484324 by STEPHANO024
Some mischievous malware link of some sort. Beware.
If you get a comment like this on your profile from anyone (typically hentai icons) don't click the link.
Stay safe.

embedded_item1505086483577 by KumoriDragon
I don't understand why people are so strict with their comment sections here on Deviantart. By forcing everyone to reply to one comment you are merely making yourself look like a control freak as well as having to put so much effort into keeping your comment section neat everytime someone doesn't reply to that comment. Who cares if your comment section doesn't look neat? It'll only end up looking worse with all the hidden comments and all the repeated comments that you make after having to deal with the people that don't follow your instructions.
To those that read this, please note that it is not required for you to credit any deviants that you re-post this from.
If you have been around on Deviantart for a while, then you may have encountered the 'Hacker hoax' at one point.
Here is an explanation on what the 'Hacker hoax' is.
The 'Hacker hoax' is a form of chainmail that has occurred throughout Deviantart for years. The 'Hacker hoax' will appear in the form of a Journal entry in most cases.
For those who don't know, the 'Hacker hoax' is a written warning that deviants spread out of fear. It usually goes along the lines of this:
Content: There has been a hacker going around on Deviantart hacking into people's accounts and changing their passwords and details.
This hacker posts pornographic images and angers your watchers by telling them rude things. The only way that you can prevent yourself from being hacked is if you re-post this journal, that way the hacker will know that you know what's going on and won't hack you. Please spread this to your watchers so that they don't get hacked as well!

How this 'Hacker hoax' works.
Now, as a regular deviant you may end up reading this and worrying about the safety of your account. Then, out of fear, you end up spreading this warning, hoping that you're doing a good thing by letting your watchers know.
This is not a good thing.
This hoax creates fear and that's not good for the Deviantart community. If you wish to stop reading this now and just copy and paste the entire journal in order to repost it, then please, go ahead. However If you're still not convinced that this warning is a hoax, then continue reading.

Proof that this 'Hacker warning' is a hoax.
Hackers will not hack into your account unless they have a good reason to do so. Random hacking is very rare.
By posting a Journal containing the 'Hacker warning' on your profile, you are spreading a fearful lie. If someone were to hack into your Deviantart account, posting a journal wouldn't do anything to prevent it from happening. This hoax has been on Deviantart for years. Now despite the fact that there are cases were accounts actually do get hacked, it is not in any way relatable to this hoax.

The real way to prevent your account from being hacked.
This is how Actual hacking works:
Hacker's will use programs that will guess Many common combinations of letters and numbers to find out your password. So if you have a password like 'Carrot22', it won't take much for a real hacker to guess your password. Now here's the get-go on how to prevent yourself from being hacked: Have a complicated password. Because hackers gain access to accounts by finding their passwords through many combinations of common words and numbers, you have to make a complicated password that they will find impossible to discover.
An example of a complicated password is 'YuK2o99JjnMMms21'. Now I know that you may not be able to remember a password such as that, however you may follow a similar approach to making a complicated password and memorizing it. Notice the key requirements in a complicated password:
Multiple lower-case letters.
Multiple capital letters.
Multiple Numbers.
Around 10+ characters long.
No full words like 'carrot'.

Now that you know everything about the 'Hacker hoax', and the real way to prevent yourself from being hacked. It's time to let the world know.
The Deviantart community needs this information to help prevent the fear that is caused by this ridiculous 'Hacker hoax'.
SO NOW, please copy and paste the content from this journal, and post it in a journal of your own. Spread this information to your fellow watchers, and let them do the same. THIS IS THE ANTI-'HACKER HOAX' CAMPAIGN. Let's unite as a group and prevent this ever-lasting fear from taking advantage on the Deviantart community!


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Artist | Traditional Art
Japanese language level NATIVE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy
Australian English language level EXPERT by TheFlagandAnthemGuy
Language stamp - Surzhyk (Russian) - Beginner by Sasza-Ola
my name is Stephano.

I create hand-drawn content, and I'm currently practicing realism art. I used to create digital art (doge memes), but that got old.
If you find me using caps lock or saying things that you may find offensive, please note that I'm a very chill person and I never say things in an angry manner.



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